Fox It Up!


                                      chalk paint 

If you are at all familiar with home design and home improvement and you have a love of refurbishing furniture, you probably have already heard of chalk paint.   Not to be confused with chalkboard paint, which is paint that you can use to turn any surface into a chalkboard (we carry that too), chalk paint is special paint made with plaster of paris, calcium carbonate, or various other mediums to give it a nice texture and antique finish.

The beauty of chalk paint is that you do not need to stand, prep, or prime furniture at all in order to make an old dilapidated piece of furniture look gorgeous and have new life!   And it's very easy to work with, uses half as much as regular paint, dries more quickly, and has a prettier finish.   So what's the disadvantages of chalk paint?   Most of the major chalk paint manufacturers out there charge insane amounts of money ($29-$45 per quart) for their paint.

Our Foxy Chalky(tm) paint is made in-house in seven colors for $15 per quart, or you can have a custom color using any paint chip you choose for $25 per quart.   The six colors to date are Asher (very light gray),  Olivia (olive green), Skye (sky blue), Rosalie (a vintage rose),  Violet (a light purple), and Baylen (an old gold)  and now Rebecca (a pale turquoise). Each colors were named for children with names whose names are new interpretations of vintage colors, so it's fitting.  Baylen was named for New Orleans Saint Drew Brees' first born.

Our Chalk paint is included in our DIY Furniture bar.  You may use as much as you want, our sandpaper, and tools for the normal $35 per hour workshop fee (for members) and $45 per hour for non-members. Your time starts as soon as you start working.      If we do the work for you it's a $50 per hour custom labor fee, plus the cost of the paint used.

Chalk paint is perfect on furniture but also looks great on mason jars, trays, mirrors, frames, and small decorative accents as well!  It's gorgeous on painting fabrics, which makes recovering chairs a breeze, especially burlap!

Check out some of the before and after pictures of furniture below and see the difference for yourself!