Fox It Up!


                                                 CUSTOM PROJECTS

ClOTHING & fashion projects 

When Jessica,  a Chicago native and someone who has worked in fashion for some time 

contacted us about an idea she had for a custom jacket, we were thrilled to be able to help

her creation come to life!   That skull jacket is perfect parts punk & fashionista, and has gotten a ton 

of attention, including LA based shoe designers offering to design footwear around it!   Since then, 

we've done other jackets, and shoes, and purses, and are happy to be able to custom paint or

glitter any new or second hand item you want to Fox up! 


From the Red Dress Run, to Halloween, to Balls, we have done custom costumes & accessories, 

sometimes at a moment's notice.  Feel free to inquire about what we can do for your and your

costume needs!  Pictured is one of our most memorable recent assists, Shelby's

Minnie Mouse Tutu.   FOXY!

custom furniture

Our Foxy Chalk paint and Chalk paint bar (where you can use Foxy Chalk paint and a variety of

other brands) has gotten a lot of attention for it's ease of use and great outcome, but if you're

still a little nervous, we can do the project for you!  Or you can look at our already created custom

furniture to find something that works for your household.  No two pieces are the same, unless

of course, they were created as matching set! :)   We also are known for custom game tables, board

game tables, and quirky furniture for your home and office.

CUSTOM art & Décor

We have lots of beautiful projects available in our store & gallery, 

but we get that sometimes you had something in your mind or on

your Pinterest board that you just have to have exactly so.  Let us know

what colors & materials you are thinking and we can help you with it! Or, if you

have no idea what you want, we can help with that, too!  Recently, Elizabeth, a local

jewelry designer, needed a fun alternative to displaying at craft fairs & boutique

CUSTOM Party planning & décor items

Always available for any business, church, or office function,  also for weddings and parties-

we can hand make your party planning and decor items for any event. 

Visit our party planning & décor page for more information and samples of all of our work.

If you don't see something you like, we can custom make anything to your liking.