Fox It Up!



                            Get the gorgeous for less!

If you are a bride or parent planning a special day or event, you realize that a lot of times you need something specific that you need to be PERFECT-- but you're never going to use it more than once.  We hand craft all of our items and this takes us time to create custom orders.   So, to get two cute birds with one perfectly painted stone- we came up with rentals-  you get the absolute perfect handcrafted item, for a fraction of the cost, and you can return it when you are finished so that we can rent it to someone else down the line who will love it just as much!    Because you're only going to get married once and your baby won't be the same size twice!     We also cater to movie and theatre professionals needing props or costumes.

How it works:   What you see here is each item with the full retail value and the rental fee.  When you rent you pay the rental fee but put down a credit card.  You'll get a contract with a return date-  you'll be charged a late fee of $5 for every day that your item is late and after the week you will be charged the full value of the item (unless it had already accrued due to late fees).  

Items available:   Everything from furniture to tutus, second line umbrellas to photo props.  Chalkboards and frames in various sizes.  We will be adding more and more to our gallery so please check back and virtually anything on any of the other pages of this site can be rented as well

Custom items:  If you need something that you do not see please ask us to make it custom for you.  Usually our custom rates will apply but if we think it is something we can reuse in the future we can set it up as a rental.  a $30 custom set up fee will apply.