Fox It Up!



The DIY Bar -  in short it's thousands of dollars of crafting materials at your disposal.  You can pick out a project from our DIY cabinet, and pay a la carte per project, or you can pay the hourly rates.  See below for price-list.  Whether you're a master crafter, an experienced scrapbooker, or someone who's just trying to learn a new skill - there is something to please foxes of all ages and experience levels.

Items in the DIY Bar include:  glitter, paper, scrapbook paper, card stock, printer and designer paper, foam, felt, ribbon, raffia, acrylic paint, water colors, charcoal, pastels, furniture paint, hammers, nails, sandpaper, safety pins, straight pins, fabric, needles, stickers, scrapbooking stickers, tulle, vellum, wood pieces,  paper piecing, scrapbooks, brads, jewelry making items, quilting squares, yarn, spray paint, rhinestones, die cuts, legos, magnets, sea glass, mardi gras beads, balloons, feather boas and maribou, hot and low temp glue guns, blow dryers, chalkboard paint, and much much more.  We also have a silhouette cameo and embroidery machines that come by often.   If you can dream it, we can do it. 

Repurposed items:  ‚ÄčThe boutique was born out of Rebecca working with Storage Heroes, her other company that buys and sells contents of storage units, containers, estates, and personal collections.  Because of this, there are always a ton of random items in the bar that are great for craft projects!  Some examples of these are: bottles, legos, toys, kids meal toys, old dolls, stuffed animals, headbands, shoes, purses, picture frames, jewelry boxes, and more.  Nothing goes to waste and prices are extremely reasonable due to high quantities.  Plus, there's ever-changing inventory, so the   items are as creative as our artists!

Kids' Area:      The kids area was created because we saw how much fun the children were having being creative and making independent choices.  Although we are on hand to help them (and encourage you to work with them at the DIY Bar), we have the Kids Bar set up, ground-level, with a variety of kid safe and non-spillable paints, fingerpaints, brushes, chalks, and kid-safe sequins (large) and glitters.      The kids still have access to adult items when assisted, but they can grab the kid items as they please.   We even name glitter combinations after some of our favorite and most frequent kid customers!   We've heard testimonials time and time again from parents who are amazed by their child's development, artistic ability, and maturity, and how our store has contributed to all of these things!


Featured crafts:  $10-45 depending on craft.  Cabinet of featured crafts changes weekly.  You'll work alone (or children work with parents). Includes all materials in bar area.   Crafts are on the calendar.

DIY Bar Flat rate:  $35 an hour for members.  $45 an hour for non-members.  Includes all crafts, material in bar area, and Rebecca/staff member assistance. 48 hours notice is required - you must book your appointment in advance.

Custom Work:  $40 an hour for members,  $50 an hour for non-members.  Includes all of above, but we will do the crafting for you.  You do not need to be here if you choose not to be.

Furniture Workshop - $40 an hour for members.  $60 an hour for non-members.  See chalk paint bar for more information.   Includes all of the above as well as chalk paint bar materials. 48 hours notice is required.  You must book your appointment in advance.

Party rate:   If you have more than 4 people and you book in advance, you are eligible for a discount, depending on the craft and number of people.  Call us at 504-535-4DIY or e-mail us at for more information.   Parties also include wine and snacks.      72 hours notice is required for all parties.

* There is no smoking or vaping anywhere at any of our parties.  You may smoke outside.

* Food and drinks are allowed and encouraged.

* Children must be supervised at all times, unless you're dropping your child off for a Fox It Up Birthday party.